Complete Network Security and Data Protection for Healthcare Practices and businesses throughout the greater Phoenix Metro area

Understanding the Threats

In the new internet age, there are entirely new mastermind rings of criminals that are doing everything they can, in very advanced ways to hack into your business network and steal anything they can from you. If your business network has weaknesses, the bad guys will eventually infiltrate and rob you blind.

The attacks to your business network come in many different forms. The most common forms of attack are through a virus, malware, trojans, or ransomware. Cybercriminals will use these methods to breach your system and steal your data, your customer information, or your money.

HIPAA Compliance Requirements

In healthcare, you have the challenge of protecting yourself against the above threats, and have the added layer of HIPAA compliance. If you are working with an IT company that doesn’t understand or know how to manage this, you are headed towards frustration at a minimum, along with potential violations and penalties.

Any company that deals with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that all the required physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed.

AZCOMP is your best resource for reaching and maintaining HIPAA compliance. Our entire business is built around servicing healthcare professionals.

With AZCOMP, your network will be secured in the following ways:

  • Network design and installation: If your system isn’t setup correctly, then it is a lot harder to properly secure your system.
  • Provide secure remote access: Do you or any employees work from home or other locations outside the office? We can help get everything setup in a secure manner so you’re protected.
  • Continuity or uptime (keeping everything online): Your network can go offline for many reasons. We’ll dramatically reduce downtime caused by breaches or otherwise, keeping all your employees up and productive.
  • Next-Gen Firewalls: When it comes to securing your data and protecting your patients PHI, getting the right kind of firewall goes a long way.
  • Content filtering: If your employees are browsing sites that are potentially dangerous to your network, your inviting trouble in. Keep your network safe with content filtering.
  • Spam filtering: The amount of spam email being delivered to inboxes every day is absolutely insane, and spam email is still the number one source of virus and malware intrusion. Spam filtering is a must when it comes to network security.
  • Compliance: We help you stay compliant. HIPAA compliance along with complying with every other regulation is overwhelming for small businesses and we know how to help you succeed. Of course, there is more to HIPAA compliance than just stuff you do with your computers and data, but we’ll help you get at least that much covered.
  • Education: Employee education and training is one of the biggest successes in a security program. After firewalls and spam filtering and content filtering, it can all be ruined with one rogue employee clicking on something that shouldn’t be clicked. We’ll put your employees through a training program to help reduce errant clicks.

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If your business requires network security, HIPAA compliance, new computers, network installation, server and network support, IT support or helpdesk, computer maintenance services, computer and data security services, network consulting services, wireless network services or Wi-Fi, or remote & on-site support, you can count on us.

As experts in the healthcare and business technology industry, we can help you optimize your IT investment, get your data and other sensitive information secured, reduce technology-related stress and bring your focus back to patient care, or other aspects of your business. When you no longer worry about dealing with network maintenance or technology issues, you can focus on taking your business to new levels of success.