You depend on your computer network and IT systems to run your business.

Our passion and purpose is to empower Healthcare Professionals and Business Owners to deliver their best work, by providing Phenomenal technology solutions and services. We’re confident that we are the only network services, computer support, or IT consulting business in Phoenix that provides these benefits to your business.

The Top 8 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Work with AZCOMP Technologies for Your IT Solutions and Support

  1. Perfect Fit IT Solutions, Specific for Healthcare Professionals. This means that we fully understand your often-daunting task of managing all aspects of your technology, from billing software and electronic claims, to electronic health records, patient portals, Meaningful Use programs, and concerns about HIPAA compliance. Having worked with 1000’s of medical professionals all over the country, we also understand many of the best practices in healthcare and how technology can either assist in achieving a totally efficient workflow, or distract from achieving efficiency. We are a true healthcare technology consultant.
  2. The Research is Done So You Don’t Have To. We have spent years researching and putting together a package of products and services that are uniquely designed to substantially increase system security, performance, and staff productivity to give you the peace of mind that many of our customers have received. We don’t stop there; our research continues as we go to bat for our customers to make sure the solutions stay relevant or find them new solutions.
  3. PHENOMENAL Service and Support. At AZCOMP, “customer satisfaction” isn’t good enough. We strive to deliver PHENOMENAL service! We want you to love us and love every aspect of our business, and want to impress you with every interaction. This is evident in what our current customers say about us. Check us out on Google and Facebook where we have a long list of perfect 5-star customer reviews. We look to impress and the proof is there.
  4. Amazing Project and Customer Management. Our unique internal process allows us to keep track of all projects, and all customer support tickets to near perfection. Everything we say we’re going to do in a project always gets completed according to specifications. Every time you call us for an issue, your issue doesn’t fall through the cracks. We keep track of the issue, and keep you in the loop, every time.
  5. We Understand You’re Not a Computer Wiz. When we talk to you about your network, computers, security, or anything else related to your technology, we’ll talk to you using Easy to Understand words.
  6. Flat Fee IT Services. We understand how frustrating it is to buy a service from a vendor only to find out later that when you need something, they try to charge you more. Not with us. Customers on our full managed services program won’t be a victim of the nickel and dime game.
  7. We Love Vendors! You heard that right. We are different than other IT companies who often fight with vendors over who is responsible for a problem. Our approach is to establish great working relationships with all your vendors to make sure they have the support they need and are working efficiently. No more of the finger pointing games when working with us.
  8. Our Support Lines Are Answered LIVE. When you need to talk to us, we guarantee to have a friendly, English-speaking technician working on resolving your problem quickly. Most other IT firms seem to always be unavailable, or just go missing when you need them most. Not with us. We’ll always answer your phone call or email, and we’ll always address your concerns.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

The Technology Solutions Provided by AZCOMP Has Made a Huge Impact on Our Practice

Since we first started working with AZCOMP in 2000, their technology solutions and IT support have made a huge impact in our practice. The IT services that AZCOMP provides has been so helpful to us. We rarely go down. We never have ransomware or anything bad on our system. We know and trust that AZCOMP has given us the best technology solutions to keep our system running smooth and our data safe. The entire company and all the personnel has been awesome to work with. We really enjoy how well everything is working all the time.

Glendale, AZ
AZCOMP Technologies
5 / 5 stars

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